Whitewater Rafting and River Photography in Microsoft Silverlight

The sport of white water rafting takes us river runners to some amazing places. We get to enjoy gorgeous scenery, literally, by the mile. This page showcases that scenery using some of the latest web technology. Below you'll find links to Deep Zoom panoramas and mosaics. To fully enjoy these photos you'll need to install Microsoft Silverlight 2.0. This is a one-time install and it's pretty quick. If you don't already have Silverlight 2 installed, you'll be prompted to install it when you click on a link below. Other pages on Whitewater Campsites.com already use Silverlight and more will follow in the future. So go ahead and install Silverlight and enjoy the show!

Whitewater Campsites Cover Photos
Here's a mosaic of cover photos seen on Whitewater Campsites during the past 5 years.

River Scenes
This mosaic is a set of photos from rafting trips on the Yampa, the Middle Fork, Main, and Lower Salmon Rivers.

Desolation-Gray Canyon Photos
This is a mosaic of photos of our float trip through Desolation and Gray Canyons of the Green River, UT in Sept 2008.

This is a 360 degree view of Mushroom Rock at river mile 27 (68.8) in Desolation Canyon presented in Microsoft's Photosynth viewer (requires Silverlight).

Mushroom Rock is a squatty rock tower with petroglyphs around its base in the middle of a sage-brush-covered bench a few hundred yards from the Green River in Desolation Canyon. The Microsoft Photosynth technology lets you move 360 degrees around Mushroom Rock to see it from all sides and to zoom in and out, and also to view the Desolation Canyon scenery outward from the base of Mushroom Rock. View 360 degrees inward and outward - Try it out!

The Mushroom Rock photos are of our family trip in Sept. 2008 (you can read about that trip here).