Daily Mileage Planner for Whitewater Rafting Trips

This Mileage Planner gizmo can help you decide which campsites to reserve or stay at based on the mileages you wish to float each day. Try selecting different combinations of campsites to see the daily distances that result from those selections. No data is saved to your PC and no data is transmitted; it's just a fancy calculator.

This page requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed. The install is pretty quick, but you may need to restart your browser or refresh this page afterward. Install Silverlight by clicking the button below and follow the instructions from there.

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Using the Rafting Mileage Planner

  • Click on one of the rivers in the left-most column to select it.
  • The list of campsites on that river is then displayed in the center column. The put-in and take-out for that river are shown in the right-hand column and the total mileage between them is shown as if you were going to float the entire stretch in one day.
  • Check the boxes beside various campsites. As you do so, each camp is inserted into the list on the right and the mileages between it and the previous and next camp are shown.
  • You can check and uncheck the boxes to create various combinations of campsites and see the results.
  • User your browsers 'print page' feature to print the results of combinations you like. Decide and print a 'plan A' and 'plan B', etc.
  • Each time you select a different river, it clears your previous plan.

The campsite reservation process is described at Rafting the West - Reserving Campsites.